Product Care


Are ceramic pieces safe with food?

Yes, all functional pieces are food-safe.  I work with commercially prepared, non-toxic underglazes and glazes in my work.

Are pieces dishwasher safe?

They are! All items can be safely washed in the dishwasher.  For large trays and serving dishes, I recommend hand washing to safeguard against chipping breakage.

What about the microwave and oven?

It is safe to put your pottery in the microwave.  Keep in mind that some glazes I use might present small surface cracking from heating in the microwave; this doesn't effect the the structure of the item and in some cases enhances the design.

I don't recommend putting items in the oven, as the clay I use can be sensitive to sudden changes in temperature e.g. placing a dish from the refrigerator into a preheated oven.